Getting Started

Today is the day it all starts.  I planted the first seeds of the 2018 season.  I have been waiting since late August of 2017 when I first had the idea of growing flowers for market and today is the day it all begins.  I can’t say I even really know what I’m doing, but I’m a fast learner and that is what this season is all about: learning.

The first flowers of the 2018 season are 50 statice seeds, 50 rudbeckia “Indian Summer” seeds, 30 yarrow, 20 craspedia, and a couple dozen snap peas that will be transplanted in about a month.  Most of my seeds come from Johnny’s Seeds which is based in Maine.  They have some of the best quality seeds and have a great tradition in organic gardening which is important to me.  Also, they are an employee-owned company which I love to support.  Other seeds have come from Harris Seeds and Seed Geeks.  I haven’t counted all the seeds I have purchased but my garden plan includes several thousands of seeds that I plan on planting this year.

I’m using a soil blocker to make the cells I’m planting my seeds into.  I never used one before today but it worked wonderfully.  Soil blockers have many advantages over plastic cell trays.  They reduce the amount of plastic used, don’t need to be transplanted into bigger pots, and reduce transplant shock when put out in the garden.  I’m very interested to see how it goes.  The blocker creates four blocks of soil at a time with a little dimple in the soil for the seeds to be planted in.

I had a helper with the bigger pea seeds.  Carson planted the seeds, covered them, and gave them a little misting.  He told me today he can’t wait to make his mom a bouquet of beautiful flowers from the garden.

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